Promoting Genomics Research and Development in Africa

The African Center for Translational Genomics (ACTG) is an initiative established by 54gene for the advancement of genomic research, knowledge and resources within the African continent.

The ACTG is aimed at growing resources within the continent to enhance Africa's competitive advantage globally as it relates to genomics and disease.

It will also facilitate genomics research by ensuring collaborators under the initiative are provided access to cutting edge technologies that will boost research productivity. Insights generated from these research activities will answer pertinent questions about drivers of disease that are prevalent in Africa.

Our core objectives are embedded in the following areas:

Empowering Scientists

Empowering the next generation of African genomic scientists through the provision and implementation of grants, fellowships, internships and training for medical researchers, trainees and students enhancing Africa's competitive advantage, globally.

Translational Research

Enabling better health outcomes by powering the discovery of disease variants which will significantly improve responses to drugs. This will ensure better efficacy of medicines for Africans and the greater global population.

Precision Medicine

Enhancing therapy on the African continent by enabling individualized and precise care that utilises patient unique genetic identity to develop new targets to medicine.


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